Getting out of Bed

Getting out of Bed

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I will be posting some Marvellous Movement Feldenkrais Tips on Video from time to time to give you some shortcuts for making your daily activities easier and more efficient.

Of course seeing a Feldenkrais Practitioner is better if you can do it, or doing the short movement sequences in my Marvellous Movement books at home will help to increase your awareness and offer you more choices through playing and exploring non-habitual movements. I’d love to hear about your experiences with the FM!

This Video is about Getting out of Bed in spiral movements to protect yourself in the most efficient way. It is so much easier and safer to let your body lift your head than the other way around!

The next one is about Going up and down Stairs again in the easiest and most efficient way. Let your big pelvic muscles lift and lower your skeleton instead of hauling yourself up by bending forward!


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