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Well, here I am at 80 and thriving! After 34 years of using the Feldenkrais Method for myself and giving over 10,000 FIs and 3000 ATM Classes and workshops. What a journey and I’ve loved all the learning, exploring, and growing that’s happened all through my life and I’m sure there is more to come! I am so glad that Tom was able to share the journey with me.

I’m happy to see the FM growing around the world, knowing that it can help so many people discover how to help themselves improve the quality of their lives in so many different ways. When I wrote my books there were not many books other than Moshes’ and some of his students available.

They inspired me to publish my very simple workbooks so that people could learn at home, especially if they couldn’t get to a practitioner or Classes. I will post some of the his/her stories from time to time so that you can see how wide the scope of the FM is. I have been able to help people with movement problems or chronic pain which were not solved with traditional modalities. The greatest difference with the FM is the LEARNING from the inside out. It’s so easy to change the habitual pathways in the brain by changing the way you move your body, instead of trying to change your brain by thinking! I like to quote Moshe’s saying that “When you know what you do, you can do what you want” Most of us just do it without awareness of “how” we do it, so I say “Feldenkrais First” then you can do what you want in the way that you want!

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I would like to recommend my friend and Feldenkrais colleague, DonnaRose McAneney, to whom I refer clients now that I have retired.  DonnaRose has a general practice in Labrador on the Gold Coast, and sees a variety of people for their particular needs in improving movement and comfort.  She also has special interests in working…

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One of my Poems published in 1989

I was what I was Because I formed myself around my world   I am what I am This moment   I will be what I will be Because I’m changing Rearranging me So others may be what they can be

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Comments on Marvellous Movement

“This really makes sense!” –  Alan Sargeantson, Qld “Very user-friendly” –  Lyn Martinez, Qld “ Just what I wanted for my clients” –  Lyn Kennedy, NSW “ Well laid out & easy to follow” – Susie King, Qld “Fantastic-very impressive, so clear & easy to use.” –  Julie Peck, PT & Feldenkrais Trainer, WA “Thanks for…

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Getting out of Bed

I will be posting some Marvellous Movement Feldenkrais Tips on Video from time to time to give you some shortcuts for making your daily activities easier and more efficient. Of course seeing a Feldenkrais Practitioner is better if you can do it, or doing the short movement sequences in my Marvellous Movement books at home…

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