Ease your own, back, neck or shoulder pain

Madeleine wrote her book when her clients asked her for a simple book to read and for exercises they could do at home. It is an A4 sized spiral bound workbook in 3 parts.

Part 1 is about Moshe Feldenkrais and his development of the Method with general information about the principles behind it. There is information about her own discovery of the Method, the Australian Feldenkrais Guild and Professional Training Programs.

Part 2 is the main part about how to scan your body, look at habits and their influence on your life, and how to do the non-habitual movement sequences which follow for each weekday for 120 days.

Part 3 tells the stories of clients and their experiences of the Method and some testimonials.

Many people have been introduced to the FM through Madeleines’ book. It has been accepted as required text for the Drama students of the University of Southern Queenslands’ Toowoomba campus. Copies have gone to France, the UK, USA, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Israel and New Zealand.

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ReMIND your Body using the Feldenkrais Method   daily
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A more advanced series of movement sequences has just been released as an ebook on CD with an AudioAwareness through Movement lesson

This ebook is the follow up to Marvellous Movement:ReMIND your Body using the Feldenkrais Method® daily, an introductory workbook by Madeleine Edgar, Physiotherapist, CFP, MAFG, but is also a stand alone book.

Part 1 is in the format of 30 answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Method. These were gathered by Madeleines’ students from their friends.

Part 2 gives a variety of Body Scans and the instructions for the movement sequences which include the eyes, jaw, pelvic floor and more advanced sequences. There is also advice for lifting, walking, going up and down stairs and again we look at habits and their influence on the skeleton and our lives.

Part 3 gives more Testimonials to show the breadth of the effects of the Feldenkrais Method®, Contacts for International Feldenkrais Guilds, and a Bibliography. There is also a list of Madeleines’ books and CD lessons if you would like to order them.

Part 4 is a live 45 minutes Awareness through Movement Audio lesson.

Marvellous Movement:

ReMIND your Body using the Feldenkrais Method® daily
More Marvellous Movement:

Move well throughout your Life with the Feldenkrais Method®
A Word from Ricky McMillan
The Feldenkrais Method® helped me to recover well from an injury, then filtered through to enhance the working relationship I have with my horse. It has given me a greater understanding of how we influence each other through the ways in which we move.
Doing the movement sequences in this book has helped me to improve the way I move through my life, both personally and professionally.

Ricky McMillan B.D.Sc. Australian Olympic Representative in Dressage,
Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004

A Word from Judy Pippen
We can all see the results of bodybuilding. This book will get results with body-awareness building, which is the lasting key to lasting physical change.
Through this clear, easily accessible guide, Madeleine Edgar leads you through a process that can challenge years of poor postural habits and transform your life. She brings to her writing the collective world-wide wisdom of two generations of Feldenkrais Method® in action together with her own professional journey of physiotherapy and Feldenkrais practice. Madeleines’ movement descriptions are honed from hundreds of hours of personal sensory exploration, guiding others vocally and through touch. The “Histories Rediscovered” of personal change in this book are evidence of powerful learning by people like you and me through ‘marvellous movement’.
Give yourself the gift of a year of daily reflective movement based on this book and you will discover for your self the improved health and quality of life that becomes available with aware living and truer physical alignment.

Judy Pippen PhD

Marvellous Movement
ReMIND your Body using the Feldenkrais Method® daily

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More Marvellous Movement
Move well throughout your Life with the Feldenkrais Method®  daily

E-Book (on CD)
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Only $35 (plus P&H)
Marvellous Movement ®
Awareness Through Movement CD Lessons

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a FULL Pricelist with Lesson details
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