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Questions for You

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Questions for you about your quality of life

  1. Are you having difficulties moving in your life?
  2. Do you have pain anywhere in your body?
  3. Are you feeling the effects of old injuries?
  4. Have you ceased some of your previous activities?
  5. Do you have trouble sleeping?
  6. Is your posture deteriorating?
  7. Do you get short of breath?
  8. Do you have Neurological problems?(Stroke, Parkinsons’ etc)
  9. Is your balance deteriorating?
  10. Are you willing to learn to find your own resources from the inside out?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, then my selfhelp books are for you!

I would love to hear from you any comments about your own particular problems. Please feel free to contact me.


Walking after Surgery 2

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My Videos

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Hi Visitors, you can find more of my short videos on my Marvellous Movement FB page & on my YouTube Channel- Marvellous Movement Feldenkrais Tips by Madeleine Edgar.

These short cuts are very useful, but the learning is also deeper if you have a Functional Integration lesson with a Practitioner who will address your particular needs, or attend an Awareness through Movement class lesson. There is a list of Feldenkrais Guilds from around the world on my Contacts page.

The Importance of Sitting on the Floor

150 150 Madeleine Edgar

One of my Poems published in 1989

150 150 Madeleine Edgar

I was what I was

Because I formed myself

around my world


I am what I am

This moment


I will be what I will be

Because I’m changing

Rearranging me

So others may be what they can be

Comments on Marvellous Movement

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  • “This really makes sense!” –  Alan Sargeantson, Qld
  • “Very user-friendly” –  Lyn Martinez, Qld
  • “ Just what I wanted for my clients” –  Lyn Kennedy, NSW
  • “ Well laid out & easy to follow” – Susie King, Qld
  • “Fantastic-very impressive, so clear & easy to use.” –  Julie Peck, PT & Feldenkrais Trainer, WA
  • “Thanks for writing such a wonderful book” – Leo Kram, Lindfield, NSW
  • “This book is a real treasure for Feldenkrais students. I found the striking black, white & red cover with a spiral binding make this a delightful book to handle & to dip into. I can imagine the book gracefully becoming dog-eared as it sits in its’ prominent position, ready to guide its’ owner through the daily journey Madeleine has thoughtfully laid down” –  Jane Shamrock, OT, Qld.

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