November 28, 2015, 4:01 pm

Dear followers, I have finally decided at the age of 78 to close my practice! I will still be selling & promoting my books & CDs so that people can play, experiment & develop their own awareness at home. I would appreciate your help in spreading the word! I have sold over 1000 books & given away 300 & that is pretty amazing for a self publisher. Only 700 to go!

i am so grateful for having discovered Moshe Feldenkrais ' work when I was 50. The FM has made such a difference in my life & that of many others with whom I've shared the work. Physiotherapy is better for acute problems, but the FM is better for chronic problems. It's wonderful that Neuroscience is recognising how much Moshe was ahead of his time at last. Dr. Norman Doidges'recent book " The Brains' Way of Healing" certainly acknowledges that. I am honoured to be a Fellow & Emeritus Member of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild.

I will still do occasional guest Classes & Workshops & I'm down on the floor every day. My quality of life is so much richer from this learning. Please 'Like' my Marvellous Movement Facebook page & pass on the word for my books & CDs. Thanks so much for your support, Regards, Madeleine

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