Happy Stories

Jean Di Benedetto

I decided to investigate the Feldenkrais Method® after I had strained my lower back once again while gardening! I felt I needed to learn to move in a new way that would protect my back from harm. My personal lessons with Madeleine Edgar were a revelation. The rhythmic movements in which she gently guided me not only relieved the soreness in my back but at once I was walking and sitting in a freer way. Further lessons made me aware of my lovely skeleton within me, which was now moving with grace and efficiency. Immediately I became aware that I was developing tension and tightness in my back when I rushed to meet a deadline. I was able to relieve that’s tress by moving and breathing differently. I had often subjected my body to strain by doing twisting, tugging and jerking movements as I performed tasks. The rounded, relaxed Feldenkrais movements have taught me to intuitively use my bones and muscles to achieve results without effort. The movements are very personal. This appeals to me because I find repetitive exercise regimes and competitive sport so boring and a strain on my aging body. I no longer have back pain after gardening or a long day at work. I sleep better and find I am enjoying activity. I even found myself rising on my toes to reach into a top cupboard then realised I haven’t moved like this since I was a child! I look forward to participating in Awareness Through Movement™ classes and moving through my life with awareness and a joyful step.

Jean Di Benedetto, Coombabah, Qld.

Mary Ireland,

All Thanks to Feldenkrais!
Who would think a woman of my age could grow taller? But I have! My friends and my sister have noticed. “ There’s something different about you these days” they say, and we then stand back to back. My new height is noticeable and they are amazed. It is all due to the Feldenkrais Method®. These simple movements have straightened my shoulders and spine and my head no longer tilts to one side. There is now a consciousness of my posture and a growing suppleness. I am delighted and very grateful.

Mary Ireland, Monterey Keys, Qld.

Jeanette Furlonger

The Feldenkrais Method® has worked wonders for me. For the first time in years, I feel alive and energetic. This method has encouraged me to be independent and to exercise properly as I have regained some of my youthful mobility. Relief from pain has been a pleasing result from these classes and I look forward to many more movement lessons in the future.

Jeanette Furlonger, Biggera Waters, Qld.

Dr.Lorelei Carpenter

Ten years ago I was fortunate enough to be referred to Madeleine Edgar, a Physiotherapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, by a chiropractor.

Previous to that I had been visiting chiropractors, physiotherapists and acupuncturists in an effort to get some relief from my chronic back pain that was the result of complications from injuries I had sustained in a car accident as a teenager. I had become skeptical of therapists, because whilst their treatments provided me with some relief, they also kept on reinforcing my dependence on them. Hence my relief seemed to depend on spending large amounts of money on weekly visits that only served to increase my dependence on them.

From the first lesson that I had with Madeleine I knew that I had discovered someone who was not only a healer but also a teacher.

Madeleine‘s confidence in my ability to relearn patterns of movement and her ability to help me develop awareness about my body and how it moved, provided me with not only pain relief but also confidence in my own ability to self-heal.

It was the self-education component that Madeleine so expertly developed that identified the Feldenkrais Method as different to, and more authentic than other therapies. Here was an effective and genuine method of achieving good health that promoted self-education and self-healing rather than reliance on the practitioner.

For me this type of empowerment helped me develop confidence in my own body as I became more conscious of the way I physically negotiated and moved through my environment. Moreover I developed more trust in my body and learned to listen to the messages it was giving me.

One of the most important lessons that Madeleine taught me through the Feldenkrais lessons, was to treat my body gently. This occurred through the way in which she worked with me. Other therapies seemed to operate on the old adage of “no pain, no gain” hence some degree of discomfort/pain always accompanied their treatments, whether it was from physical manipulation or acupuncture needles.

Madeleine’s gentle and soothing manner in the way she worked with me made me aware of two things. First, under the guise of being helped, I had been allowing, for many years, other people to punish my body because it wasn’t working in the perfect manner that I expected. Second, Madeleine’s caring and a comforting way was the type of nurture that my body needed to help it move more effectively. My body responded positively to both the respect and interest that Madeleine shows, as well as the type of comforting Feldenkrais work that she did with me. I often leave a session with Madeline with the impression that she has learned just as much as I have about how I move.

 I continue to work with Madeleine whenever my body requires two or three more lessons as reminders of my body awareness. Recently I underwent a hip replacement. I knew that Madeleine would be the right person to work with to help me become accustomed to my new hip and after three visits she has helped me develop confidence in moving more effectively.

Because of Madeleine’s expertise and knowledge in the Feldenkrais Method I have no hesitation in continuing to practice this method of improving movement. I would strongly advise people to experience the empowerment and nurturing that this method can offer them.

Dr.Lorelei Carpenter, Labrador, Qld. October 2007

Elisabeth Graham

“Teaching and voice problems seem to go hand in hand. I’d tried a few other ways to address my voice problems, so I thought I had nothing to lose in trying this workshop. At the end of the day I found awareness exercises using the diaphragm, jaw and mouth, increased my voice awareness and increased my strength and volume. I highly recommend this program and will be attending the next workshop”

Elisabeth Graham, Supply teacher, Gold Coast, Qld

Pam Rossi

I first became aware of the Feldenkrais Method from a friend, as I had been complaining of hip pain. I listened, as we all do, to this woman talking about this miracle treatment that cured her of her complaint that she had endured for some time.  “Just go & see for yourself” she said. Well I said that I had made an appointment for acupuncture so I would give that a try first. This treatment was partly successful but I contacted my GP a month later when my symptoms returned. I was told I needed a cortisone injection to cure the pain. Not wanting to put this foreign substance in my body I decided to give the Feldenkrais person a try.

            I had my first lesson and was surprised to know that she knew all about my problem and said that it was something we could work with. I must say I left that first day very sceptical & thinking I had wasted my time and money. Two days later I was aware that my body was different, sorer but different. Three lessons later I was free of pain. I then decided there was more to Feldenkrais than meets the eye, so to speak.

My medical history goes back five years now to when I had my first knee replacement and then my other one eighteen months ago. I had been to Chiropractors and Physiotherapists for five years and felt that I was getting nowhere and had accepted that this is probably how I would feel for the rest of my life.

My best Buddy now is Madeleine Edgar and every time I see her she makes me feel human again. She told me after a few visits that she had watched me walk from my car that first day and knew she could help me and help me she did. I attend her classes each week and am feeling so much better, thank you Madeleine.

Pam Rossi, Coombabah, Qld